An Dasvewas
The Revival

The Cornish Language: an Kernowek or an Kernewek.

The translation of the story follows the Cornish and the lists of vocabulary.

Den Ostralek neb a ve genys in Kymbra a eth athewethas the Gymbra polgy bean rag gwellas y gerens hay gothmans, ha pan rug trega in Cardith ew an pen dref a Gymbra, eff a eth the dreyl worth gy goweth. Pan rug cows the nebas cowetha eff a verkyas wosa polgy bean den ha benyn a rug setha war skavall reb an tall ow kenkya. Nyns esa ow aswon an thew mas eff a verkyas na russans cows an Sowsnek. Eff a wothya clappya an Kymbrek ha y tho da ganso kepar dell o gans lyas den Kymbrek the wellas dasvewas an Kymbrek neb esa ow skydnya in Kymbra. In della y tho per tha ganso the glowas an Kymbrek in Cardith o an Sowsnek cowsys in arbennek.

den(a) manan tallthe (outer) wall
OstralekAustralianow kenkyaarguing
neb a vewho wasnyns esanot was (he/she)
genysbornow aswonrecognising
in Kymbra (f)in Walesan + dewthe two, both
ethwentmas effbut he
a + dewethasof late, recentlynathat not
the + Kymbrato Walesrussansthey did
polgy beana little whilecowsto speak
rag gwellas(in order) to seean SowsnekEnglish (language)
y + kerenshis relativeswothyaknew (how)
hayand hisclappyato speak fluently
cothmansfriendsan KymbrekWelsh (language)
ha panand wheny thowas (it)
rug trega(he) did staydagood
CardithCardiffgansowith him
ew(which) iskepar dell(just) as
an pen + tref (f)the chief townowas (it)
a Gymbraof Walesgans lyaswith many
eff a ethhe wentdenman/person
the + treylto (a) partyKymbrekWelsh
worth + chyat (a) house/homegwellasto see
coweth(of) an acquaintancedasvewasrevival
pan rug cowswhen did (he) speakneb esawhich was
thetoskydnyato take place
nebas cowethasome friendsKymbra (f)Wales
merkyysnoticedin dellaso, thus
merkyato noticeper thavery good
wosaaftergansowith him
haandclowasto hear
benyn (f)womano(which) was/were
a rug sethawho were seatedcowsysspoken
war skavallon (a) seat, couchin arbennekusually

Gwely (gwylly), eff a glowas an venyn the leverall gen leff gref. Dre reson y bosa tom eff a ganwolsowas rag gothfas mater aga hudryn mas ny alsa aswon mas nebas gyrryow ha ny alsa dysmygya an mater. Y tho marth ganso dre reson eff the wothfas in arbennek lower in kever an dialekyow a Gymbra rag dysmygya an mater. Pan thesa deweth an bresell war an skavall eff a gemeras kymyas the worth y gowetha haga theth nessa then thew esa war an skavall haga thyskas aga hynwyn. Eff a wovynnys wortans,

gwelybed (Welsh)marthsurprise, wonder
gwyllybed (Cornish)eff the wothfashe to know
benyn (f)womanin keverabout
leverallto sayan dialekyowthe dialects
gen leffwith (a) voicedysmygyato find out
crefstrongpan thesawhen was
dre resonbecausedeweth(an) end
y bosahe/she to bean bresellof the battle
tomhot, interestedwaron
ganwolsowasto listen closelykemerasto take
ragin order tokymyaspermission, leave
gothfasto knowthe worthfrom
matersubjecty + cowethahis acquaintances
aga + cudryntheir quarrelhag + a + dethand came
masbutnessanearer, next
ny alsanot could (he/she)then thewthe two/couple
aswonto recogniseesa(who) was/were
nebasa fewhag + a + dyskasand learned
gyrryowwordsaga hynwyntheir names
dysmygyato make outwovynnysasked
y thowas (it/he/she)wortans(at) them

Pehane owgh devethys in Kymbra. Me a gonvethas scant an pyth a russowgh leverall nans ew pemp mynysan ha y thon sure fatell alsan clappya an Kymbrek.

Aga dew a wherthas han den a werebas, Na, an Kymbrek nyns ova. An Kernowek y thova. Y thon ny Kernowyon.

pehanefrom whereclappyato speak fluently
owghare you? (plural)aga dewtheir two
devethyscomewherthynto laugh
me a gonvethasI understoodhanand the
scanthardly anywerebasanswered
an pyth awhatnano
russowghdid you (plural)nyns ovanot was it/he/she
leverallto sayan KernowekCornish (language)
nans ewago (now is)y thovawas it
pempfivey thon nywe are
mynysan (f)minuteKernowyonCornish men/people
y thon sureI was sure  


An Australian who was born in Wales recently went to Wales to visit his relatives and friends. When he was staying in Cardiff, the capitol of Wales, he went to a party at a friend's house. When he was speaking to some friends he noticed after a little while a man and woman sitting on a couch near the wall and quarrelling. He was not acquainted with the two but he noticed that they were not speaking English. He knew how to speak Welsh and like many Welsh people was pleased to see the revival of Welsh which had been and was still happening in Wales. So he was very pleased to hear Welsh spoken in Cardiff where English was usually spoken.

"Gwely" (bed), he heard the woman say in a forthright tone. Interested, he listened closely to discover the subject of their quarrel but he was able to recognise only a few words and could not make out what the topic was. He was surprised because he usually knew enough about the Welsh dialects to pick up the gist of the subject. When the battle on the couch ceased he excused himself from his friends, approached the couple on the couch and introduced himself. He asked them:

"Where do you come from in Wales? I understood hardly any of what you were saying five minutes ago and I thought that I could speak Welsh."

They both laughed and the man answered: "No. That wasn't Welsh. That was Cornish. We're Cornish, you see."

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The Cornish Language: an Kernowek or an Kernewek.

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